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Hi, my name is Geri and I'm a reformed Gluten Eater. I've been Gluten Free for over 4 years now, and I'm hanging on! In fact I'm such a Gluten Free fanatic that I'm sure I irritate my friends with all my "this is why gluten is bad for you" talk! But I have had a few friends want to jump on the wagon with me, so this is for them. I decided it might be easier to have my recipes in a place where they could get them instead of waiting for me to email them!! And it gives me a venue to talk all I want about the evils of gluten, and traditional medicine, and artificial sweeteners and so on and I will never know if you tune me out!! So that is How the Blog was Born. Whether it dies or not...we shall see....well I don't think you can kill one of these things, so I guess it's here to stay. If you want some ideas and recipes on how to eat Gluten Free, and how to keep your kids and yourself out of the doctors office then feel free to join me!! And if you have things to share, please comment and I'll add it on!!

Enjoy the Journey!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Where Do I Get It NOW?

WALMART!  Hooray for Walmart!  They now have a gluten free section.  At the Nampa, Greenhurst Walmart  it is on the isle with the Asian, and Latino foods.  It's small, but it's something.  My Albertsons across the street also has a small Gluten Free section so if I can't find it at Walmart I go there!

They have pasta, cookies, crackers, pretzels, Oats, box mixes.  They have a few of the flours like the Brown Rice Flour and Xanthan gum.  Sometimes they have the Potato Starch but not always.  I still get my Tapioca Starch at WINCO in the bulk section.  I also get my Xanthan gum there in bulk.  I think its the cheapest.

I have some friends that go to Seattle occasionally.  They stock me up on Trader Joes Gluten Free Pasta!!  It's the best price and I love their pasta!!  So if you have a Trader Joes connection, USE IT!!

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Geri, I have found that Winco now has at least 6 gluten free pastas in their bulk section (I buy the whole case, like 10 lbs, for around $20). If you talk to someone in the Bulk Foods Department you can order cases of it and it usually comes in within 2-7 days. They also have 2 varieties of gf granolas and close to a dozen gf flours or powders for cooking gf. You need to look at the labels closely to see which ones are gf because they are not allowed to label them as Gluten Free, even though the boxes come to the store labeled as such. Once they put them out into the bins, there is the possibility of cross contamination, by customers, so they are not allowed to label them as gf. I have talked to our Meridian store Bulk Foods manager and begged him to just print the label on a different color of paper, like cream or light blue. I even told him I'd buy him the first ream of paper. :-) It's been taken to committee....

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know that Winco has really been fleshing out their gf offerings and have brought in a whole bunch of new products! I LOVE Winco!