How the Blog was Born

Hi, my name is Geri and I'm a reformed Gluten Eater. I've been Gluten Free for over 4 years now, and I'm hanging on! In fact I'm such a Gluten Free fanatic that I'm sure I irritate my friends with all my "this is why gluten is bad for you" talk! But I have had a few friends want to jump on the wagon with me, so this is for them. I decided it might be easier to have my recipes in a place where they could get them instead of waiting for me to email them!! And it gives me a venue to talk all I want about the evils of gluten, and traditional medicine, and artificial sweeteners and so on and I will never know if you tune me out!! So that is How the Blog was Born. Whether it dies or not...we shall see....well I don't think you can kill one of these things, so I guess it's here to stay. If you want some ideas and recipes on how to eat Gluten Free, and how to keep your kids and yourself out of the doctors office then feel free to join me!! And if you have things to share, please comment and I'll add it on!!

Enjoy the Journey!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cinnamon Pull Aparts

Since Gluten Free Bread is not like Bread Bread you can't make cinnamon rolls the traditional way.  It is more the consistency of banana bread.  So what I do is I use a bundt pan and spray it really well.  Make a batch of GF white bread.  Take your brown sugar, cinnamon, a package of dry butterscotch pudding and hard butter  and cut the butter into it like you would a pie crust.  (amounts vary so just play with it. I use about 1/4 C of butter)   Put some sugar mixture into the bottom of the bundt pan and then add small drops (like with a spoon) of dough.  Each layer add sugar mixture.  Keep dropping till it's 1/2 filled.  Add the remaining mixture to the top then let it raise in a warm oven for 25 min and bake for about 40-45 min.  You just have to watch it.  Just make sure you have enough sugar mixture to cover all the dough.  
Tip them over onto a round plate that is larger than your pan so the gooey stuff can have a place to go!  Be brave!  Wing it!  See what happens!!


The wait is over.  This blog has been missing one of the most important staples to any gluten free diet.  Well, I'm finally adding it to make things complete....Brownies.  Ooooey, goooey, yuuuummmmmy brownies. 

Follow the recipe exactly and you will love the results!  If you are like me you will just start throwing the ingredients into a bowl and start mixing.  So I'm going to give the instructions while we go.  It's taken me years to perfect these, and I want you to get it right the first time!!

Use a big bowl and a wooden spoon.  Hide the mixer. Preheat oven to 350
2 Cubes of soft butter  (that's 1 Cup).  It's best that you anticipate making these and put your butter on the counter.  Microwaved butter always messes the delicate balance of the mixture!!  :)  We keep several pounds of butter on the counter at all times!
2 Cups of Sugar
Mix these 2 together SLIGHTLY,  just till the sugar is moist but not creamed
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla (did you know that you can get Mexican vanilla at the Mexican tiendas in town??  True story,   and there is NOTHING better than Mexican Vanilla - as far as Vanilla goes...)
2 Tbls Light Corn Syrup

Mix these ingredients only SLIGHTLY again.  Till eggs are mixed in.  You will see chunks of butter and maybe egg....don't keep mixing!

In another small bowl combine your dry ingredients well.  You want the xanthan gum to be mixed well into the flour.

1 C GF Baking Flour Mix (the one using the Asian White Rice Flour) *see GF Flour Mixes for info
1 tsp xanthan gum
3/4 C baking cocoa (I prefer the one in bulk at Winco over the Hershey's.  The one at Winco is a little darker and richer.)

Add to your wet ingredients and mix SLIGHTLY.  Just until you can see that all the dry is mixed into the wet.  The less you stir the better.  It will make a smooth batter but as soon as it is smooth stop stirring.  And  be careful not to eat all of the batter before you get to cook some or you won't know why you didn't stir it too much! 

Lightly spray your pan.  I like to use my Pampered Chef Rectangular stone.  It makes the brownies thinner.  So a smaller cookie sheet would work too.  (Not the big jelly roll-too big)
or a 9x13 works too.  For the thinner brownies bake 20-25 min.  Watch closely.  Edges should be slightly browned.  9x13 bake for 30-35 min.  check center with a knife.  Should be clean. 
Try to let them cool before digging in.  It takes will power!!

Banana Bread

1/2 Cup butter softened
1 C sugar
2 eggs
1 C mashed, really ripe bananas
1/4 C milk
1 tsp lemon juice

2 C  Featherlight mix  (For healthy breakfast muffins use instead- GF Flour Mix + 1/4 C flaxseed meal)
2 tsp xanthan gum
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 Tbls cinnamon
1/2 C chopped nuts

Mix sugar and butter until blended.  Make sure you use a bowl and wooden spoon - NOT A MIXER.  Add eggs one at a time and blend.  Add bananas milk and lemon juice and stir till blended.

Mix dry ingredients well and then mix in to wet ingredients.  Add nuts if you would like.  The key is not to beat or mix too much.  

Pour into bread pan or muffin tins.  Makes 1 loaf.  Bake @350 for 50 minutes.  check with knife in the middle.  Depending on how your oven bakes it may need more or less time.  Gluten free flour generally takes a little longer than normal flour to bake!
Enjoy!! mmmmmmm